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My husband was out of town on business and I was spending an evening working on the computer. After completing my work I decided to email some friends. By accident I opened a folder that my husband created. I got curious when I saw several email messages that my husband saved from what appeared to an email pen pal. Curiously I began to read the messages. The general topic of what they seemed to communicate about was leather. Upon reading what my husband had written, I learned that he is truly turned-on and excited about me when I wear my black leather skirt. Much of what he had written was about what he wanted to do to
me while I was actually wearing the skirt. But he also wrote his pen pal and admitted that at times when I am not around he has taken the skirt from my closet and pleasured himself in it. He told this individual how he fantasizes about having sex with me while I’m wearing the skirt and cums in it. He further explained how he so much wanted to ask me to make love to him with it on but could not find the nerve to ask me. At first I got upset knowing he masturbated in my skirt. But the more I thought about it, the more aroused and turned on I got thinking about letting him have his way with me fully clothed in leather.

First I will explain that we have been married about 10 years. Like most couples, after 10 years your sex life seems to diminish and is rarely like the early days of love and lust. A good friend of mine talked me into buying the leather skirt as she convinced me that leather on a woman really got men excited and that it would enhance our sexual experiences. I am in my early 40’s and rather conservative. But when I bought the skirt I wanted it to be as sexy and sensuous as possible. Admittedly, when I do dress up in my leather skirt I know my husband gets aroused and I cannot recall a time we didn’t have sex on a day or evening when I wore it. When that happens, I get fully undressed and into the bed. My husband is usually waiting for me with a giant hard-on. He can’t wait to fuck me. Also I love the attention I get when I do wear the skirt and the sexy and sensuous feeling I get with my body caressed in the leather. It never dawned upon me that my husband wanted me to remain dressed while we were having sex. I myself have given thought to being taken while not only wearing the skirt, but fully clothed in leather from head to toe. I recall one night when I was out with some friends a man was trying to seduce me and asked me to his hotel room where he described how he wanted to make
love to me while I was still fully clothed.

My husband and I were preparing to go on vacation to Florida. I decided that one evening during our vacation I would dress in my leather skirt and give him his opportunity to realize his fantasy and make love to me while I was still fully dressed. In the days leading to our vacation the thought continued in mind and I seemed to get a bit excited myself. I wanted to make our special evening even more exciting so before we left I went to a shop that specialized in leather clothes and bought a sexy black leather hanging top with spaghetti straps. I also bought a black leather strapless bra to wear underneath. In completing my plan I purchased a pair of sexy seamed stockings and a couple pairs of silk panties from Victoria’s Secret. I was able to sneak the outfit into my suitcase without my husband

One night we planned to go to dinner and I decided that was the big night. He had already dressed and I snuck my outfit into the bathroom to get dressed and put on my make-up. While dressing, I decided I wanted a touch of being “slutty” so I put on a little extra eye shadow and dark lip gloss. When I came out dressed in full leather my husband’s eyes nearly popped from his head. I immediately checked his crotch and saw his penis grow by the second. I knew he wanted to take me right on the spot and he most likely could have but he is also a bit conservative and couldn’t bring himself to do it. So we just left and went to our dinner.

During dinner we had a nice bottle of wine which helped ease both of our tense feelings. The sexual tension was clearly obvious on both our accounts. I decided to get things going and teased him with comments about how good I felt in my leather skirt and top. I also enjoyed the looks and gawks I got from both men and women alike. At one point I removed my shoe and asked my husband to rub my foot. He rubbed my foot but immediately began to rub the back of my calf so he could feel the seams in my stockings. I asked him if that felt good and if I was giving him an erection. He replied “absolutely.” When we went to leave it was quite obvious his raging penis wanted to be released from his pants. We went into the restaurant lounge for a nightcap and I asked him to slow dance with me.
While we danced he pressed his hard-on into my groin and rubbed my leather clad body. I sensed we would need to leave soon or he would explode in his pants. But before we left I was asked to dance by a man in the bar. I decided to dance with him, only to make things a bit more exciting for my husband. While I danced with this man, just as my husband did, he pressed himself into me to let me know that he was hard and he also rubbed my leather. After dancing with this man, my husband asked to leave. When we got in the car I told him I had a surprise for him back at the room. He was curious as hell. We kissed in the car and it was one of those “I need and want to fuck you kisses that seemed to never end.” I had him. While kissing he ran his hand all over my leather skirt and top and it
seemed he couldn’t get enough. He then placed his hand up my skirt and began rubbing my thighs and learned that my stockings were not pantyhose. I had thoughts of unzipping his trousers and giving him a blow job but decided not to deviate from my plan. I told him we should get back to the room. I think he broke the speed record getting back to the hotel.

When we got back to the room and shut the door behind us he grabbed me and kissed me all over. My knees were buckling and I knew if I let it continue he would have gone down on me in the middle of the room. I told him to get undressed and into the bed while I got ready. I never saw him remove his clothes so quickly. As he got into the bed he kept his underwear on and I could see his raging dick sticking straight out. I went into the bathroom where he thought I was changing but I put on more lip gloss and came out. I came to the side of the bed and placed my hand on his pulsating cock. I then reached inside of his underwear and began to slowly and seductively stroke his penis. While using my hand on him I asked if that felt good and he just moaned “uh-huh.” I then asked him if my outfit turned him on and he liked me in leather. His eyes began to roll. He then asked me if I was going to get undressed and into bed. I told him I planned to get into bed but I was so turned on that I might just remain in my clothes. I told him how sexy and slutty I felt dressed in leather and asked him if he minded that I remained dressed while he fucked me. With that said, he grabbed my head and brought my lips to his and kissed me. I removed my lips from his and slowly began to lower my face and kiss him on his body. He knew where I was heading and when I finally got down to his raging penis I could see the tip was full of blood and ready to explode at anytime. I then placed the tip of his penis in my mouth and began to suck him. He was going to cum any second. I licked and sucked him for a little bit and then it was time. I lifted myself from the bed and got on top of him. I lifted the skirt, removed my wet panties and took his penis and rubbed it against my waiting hole. I then inserted it in me and began to slowly and seductively fuck him. He was so excited and while I fucked him he rubbed his hands all over my leather and body. He then placed his hands under my leather top and noticed the new sexy leather bra. I now felt like a full slut and whore and we began to fuck each other furiously. He kept his hands on my leather covered tits. While we fucked I moaned deeply about how good it felt and how much of a leather slut I felt with him in me. He warned me that he was about to explode. I told him to hang on a bit longer because I wanted to cum with him. We both finally arrived and I screamed for him to cum. I felt him shoot inside of me and his warm liquid pulsate in the deepest part of me.

After the great intercourse, I wanted him to remain hard. I immediately got off of him and again began kissing his body. I again reached his penis with my mouth and began to tease him with my lips and tongue. It didn’t take but a few moments and his penis again reached an erection. This time I wanted to fulfill his fantasy and cum all over my leather skirt and top. As I licked and sucked him I knew he was about to reach his climax again. I removed his penis from my mouth and began to rub it against different parts of my skirt and top. As I gave him what he later called the “ultimate hand job” he moaned how good it felt. To help matters I whispered how I wanted him to cum all over me and my leather. He began to tense and I knew he was about to cum. I placed the head of his penis
against my leather skirt and asked him to shoot it onto to me. I felt the first shot hit my leather skirt and as he continued to ejaculate I moved his penis up and down so the cum would cover as much leather as possible. I looked down to see him cum and the sight of him shooting his juice all over me was so exciting that I fell into one giant orgasm. When he finished I was a “cummy” mess. But I let him live his fantasy and he was thrilled with the outcome, as I was too.

Since that night we have explored leather sex to its fullest. My leather collection has increased dramatically and there isn’t one article of leather clothing that has felt the wrath of his cum. As time has worn on I have not only become more comfortable wearing leather, I wear it as much as I possibly can. And yes, I have also explored leather sex outside of my marriage. I have some good stories to tell there which I will save for another time.

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