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I've never told anyone. Not even my wife. But I really dig chicks in leather pants. I have no other perversions. I catch myself staring at women with tight leather pants. I feel stupid that I have this affliction. I've been to web sites featuring leather chicks. I've read stories from those sites and wish shit like that could happen to me. Well I guess it did.

I do a lot of mechanic work on the weekends on cars and jeeps. Just a pastime. I go to a local Walmart to get supplies on a regular basis. There is a young blond who works a checkout on the weekend. I really don't know how old she is but younger than me. I have to say she is hot. Real hot. I check her out everytime I can. When I am at her check out I don't make much eye contact. I guess I'm sort of shy. Embarrassed that I secretly fantaze about screwing her.

A week or two ago I was shopping for loctite when I see the girl kneeling, stocking shelves. She had on a pair of the tightest levis I've seen. The fabric was tearing on the corners of the pockets and the seams strained to hold together. The fabric was worn so thin you could almost see though in places. I just stood there. I couldn't look away and my cock started to grow. I wanted to jerk off. I wanted to fuck. I should have been paying attention because I never noticed she was looking at me staring at her ass. I must have turned as red as hell. Then she looked at my cock and grinned very slightly. I asked her the price of the loctite and left in a hurry. I still had a rock hard cock when I got to the car.

I took some time off from visiting the store. When I did go I just glanced at the girl and she'd grin. I'd grin back but that'd be it.

A few months pass. I have to go to this stupid function for work. I go and have a few drinks. After that, some coworkers and I go to a bar for a few more. I'm feeling no pain and drink a few more. Most of my coworkers leave for the night. I stay with this woman Patti. She is an accountant where I work. We shoot the shit and flirt. She is a good looking woman. She is slender, dark and has an outstanding chest. Her lips are very full. I love her lips. I get a bit more brave and talk about what would happen if we were to hook up. She smiled and said we'd probably have a fucking awesome time...but we're both married. With that she rubbed my thigh, said her
goodbyes and left. I chuckled and ordered one more drink for the road.

I pretty much closed the bar. I even talked to the bartender for half an hour. Car talk mostly. He's running a 65 Mustang. I laugh when he says he'd beat my Challenger and I get up an leave.

I stagger along the side walk singing to myself. I notice a group leaving a bar up the street. I cross the street to avoid the crowd. A group of four girls are crossing too, coming towards me. One says "Hey Ass Man" I stop in my tracks. I quickly glance back and start walking again. "Hey Man" she said after me. I look around and see the girl from Walmart grinning at me. She had three other girls with her. I damn near shit. Walmart girl was wearing her tight 501 Levis and a small t-shirt with some trendy logo. Her hair looked different, more full. Not like the straight do she wore at Walmart. One of her friends was wearing a tight black leather skirt with a tight red blouse. Another girl, a bit taller , had on super tight black leather pants. The type I like too. Five pocket style low rise. She had this unusually large black leather belt with a unique sparkling belt buckle. She too had a small t-shirt on. I fell in love with her. I wanted this chick bad. The forth girl was a bit too short. But cute none the less. She just had the usual boring jeans and long sleeve shirt. Not much to bark about.

"Where are you going Ass Man" Walmart chick asked. "Heading to the corner to catch a cab" I say. "Awwww I was hoping you'd play with us." She said. "This is the guy who I've been telling you about" She told her friends. "I caught him checking out my ass." "I think I made his dink hard." She laughed and gave me a shove. "Did I make your cock hard, Ass Man?" Being three sheets to the wind I told her that she did make my cock hard. Leather skirt girl smiled and asked me if her ass made my dick hard too. She then turned around and bent over slightly, rubbing her ass with one hand andlicking her lips.

I didn't know what to do. I just stood there and looked stupid. I started laughing and said Hell Yeah. I couldn't believe what was happening. Short girl looked at her watch and said she had to head home. She smiled at me and blew me a kiss, "Good luck" she said as she jogged back across the street.

I couldn't fathom what to do. Then It all came together. "You want company Ass Man?" Asked the tall brunette with the leather pants and belt. "Yes I would" I replied and held my arm out to lead them along.

We walked along the sidewalk a bit and tall brunette asked me quietly if she made my cock hard. I didn't hesitate and said It's hard now. She asked me to show her. I said no as I looked around. "You can show me, I won't bite" She then rubbed my dick and smiled with her tongue in the corner of her lips. Walmart girl was watching her do this and started to rub my ass. "You want to touch my ass don't you Ass Man?" "Why don't you feel me up" "I'll let you rub my ass if you show us your cock" My dick was hard as hell. I still said
no. I was in a public place. Leather skirt girl ran ahead of us and turned around and opened her shirt to reviel two magnificent tits. "Will you show us your cock now" she asked. I couldn't understand what was going on. Too much good luck. I felt my dick get wet. Of course it wasn't long untill leather pants girl noticed it through my dress pants. "Oh my" she said. "Ass Man's cock is leaking." Then all three girls stopped and got in front of me. "Show us your cock Ass Man" they said in unison. Then they all turned around and bent over. I looked at their asses as they smiled back. Walmart girlstarted feeling L eather pants girls ass. Leather skirt girl was tickling he on nipples. I figured all these girls were horny and mostly drunk or high so what do I have to lose. I asked if I could jerk off while they showed me their asses. Leather skirt girl stood up, put her hands on her hips, and marched over to me. She quickly untucked my shirt and licked the tip of my nose. She then spun around me and put her hands under my shirt. She felt my stomache. She then moved to my pecks. Then she put her fingers on my nipples. She whispered in my ear. "Does this help? "What do you feel like doing now?" I couldn't control my self and quickly pulled my dick out. It was bigger than I remember it to be. It was wet too. I slowly stroked it and
damn near came. The two girls in front of me stopped smiling and just stared. Leather skirt girl was going to town on my nipples. "You want to fuck me?" She asked. I answered yes. Walmart girl came over and held my dick. "I want to play" she said. Leather pants girl pouted and said "I want to play too".

In a blink of an eye Walmart girl turned around and started jogging with my dick still in her hand. I did all I could to keep up. We turned a corner and up a set of stairs. I waited till she pulled out her keys from her tight pockets. She finally let go of my cock and as soon as she did leather skirt girl put it in her mouth. I figured I died and had gone to heaven. I am not a super religious man, but if I could imagine a heaven, this would be it.

I was pushed inside and down a hall into a bed room where the girls quickly closed the door. Leather skirt girl went back down on me and Leather pants girl stood facing me grinning. I can clearly see her sharp nipples though her shirt. "What'll it be Ass man?" "You want to look or touch?" She looked down at Leather skirt girl sucking my cock and then looked back at me.

Walmart girl circled around beside Leather pants girl. She too smiled. She started playing with her own nipples. "I'm so turned on right now Ass man" I've been wanting to suck your dick since I caught you looking at my ass" "It was so flattering, I just got wet thinking about it."

Leather skirt girl let my dick slip out of her mouth and stood up and removed her shirt. She undid my belt and slid my pants to the floor. She stood behind me and again worked on my nipples. My cock felt cool out in the open. Walmart girl knelt down four feet away and walked to me on her knees. Not breaking eye contact. She took my cock in her mouth and started giving me one of the best blow jobs I think I ever had. Leather Pants girl turned around and showed off her perfect ass. I wanted to cum on the spot. Holy Fuck I felt good. I never in a million years thought this could happen! Leather Pants girl stopped dancing her ass around and looked at me. She smiled and pulled her shirt over her head. She had amazing tits. She slowly moved up and massaged her hands into Walmart girls blond hair while she was still sucking my cock. She started dry humping the back of her blonde head, pushing her hair around almost dancing. Then she stretched up and licked mylips. I tasted strawberries. I almost came again. She then started kissingme while still grinding the back of the sexy blond's cock sucking head. I just lost my mind. Then with her right hand she moved leather skirts hand from my nipple and tickled it.

Leather skirt girl put her fingers in her mouth and asked " Are you ready to cum?" I said I don't think I have a choice. She then massaged around my asshole with her wet fingers. This was something new for me and I shuddered. I felt violated. Leather pants girl grinned and softly told me not to worry. She then lifted my shirt and sucked my nipple as Leather skirt girl slid her fingers up my ass. I cannot remember ever cumming that much in my life. It felt like my balls were going to blow. My cock was so hard I could feel the
viens on Walmart chicks lips. I have never been that stimulated before. I didn't know where to focus. I heard her moan as I dropped more jiz than I thought possible. My knees almost gave out. Leather Pants girl came out from under my shirt and smiled. "I want to fuck you, I'm in the mood, Do you think you can?"

"I've wanted to since I saw you." I said. You are the most amasing woman I've ever seen." "Oh really" she smirked and licked my lips. Walmart chick slipped my cock out of her mouth got up and smiled a huge smile. "Did you like that Ass Man?" "I've been telling the girls about how I wanted to blow you" "Now do you think that maybe you can return the favor sometime?" I was going to reply when Leather skirt girl pulled her fingers out of my ass. "Argh" "That was the most uncomfortable thing I've ever felt" I blurted. "You didn't complain a minute ago" she said. As she walked around to face me. She then pushed me on the bed and said her good byes. "I hope to see you later" She said as she winked. "I have to run, nice meeting you Ass Man." She looked at my cock as it started to grow again. "You owe me fuck, Ass Man, I intend on getting it from you." She blew a kiss to me and waved good bye to my growing dick.

Leather Pants girl saw that my hard on started coming back and got happy. "Oh you can fuck me!" She jumped on the bed beside me and jerked my cock a bit. "I want it hard, I want it wet, I want it in my ass, I want it in my mouth, I want it in my pussy". She jerked it faster as she said this.

Walmart girl walked Leather skirt girl out to the front door. "I wish she'd stay" I slipped out. Leather pants girl stopped jerking me and looked me in the eye and asked why. "Am I not the girl of your dreams?" she asked. I blushed and told her that I have a leather fetish. I didn't want to see her sexy skirt go away. She slipped a hand under my balls and whispered in my ear "I'm wearing leather pants" "I've noticed" I said as my dick got even harder. "I like wearing them too, It makes guys act funny. I feel like I have a power over them. To do what I want." She then slid my cock in and out of her mouth to get it wet. And she grinned an evil grin as she then
cleverly slipped a condom on my prick.

Then she turned away from me and sat on my lap and faced Walmart girl as she re-entered the room. My dick stood stright up almost hidden in the crack of her ass. The sight of this made me almost cum again. She slid her ass back and forth, up and down. I loved the feeling of my cock pressed against her ass. The pockets on her shiny leather pants stretched and twisted with the curves of her ass. The creases of the leather strained from her ass crack and smoothed as her round ass moved against my thobbing dick. I still can
hear the sounds and smell the smells as the leather was warmed by her crotch. Walmart girl watched us squirming and undid the buttons on her jeans and forced her hand down to her crotch.

What more can happen!? Leather pants girl jumped up and pulled off her huge belt and dropped her pants. She kicked them off and then knelt down on the bed beside me and said "Now or never cowboy" I leapt up and slipped my cock in her hot wet pussy and started riding for all I was worth. I pumped her hard, I looked down and saw her ass moving very fast, shining from persperation, shaking with excitement. I fucked her hard. I fucked her long. I crouched over her to massage her hard nipples while breathing heavily in her ear. Walmart girl just stood there smiling. She stroked her pussy inside her 501's and watched as I fucked the living shit out of the nicest
pussy I've ever had. I've never fucked for an audience before. It was hot. I looked at Walmart girl while I fucked her friend. I lost my mind. I fucked that girl hard. My cock looked too big to be mine. It felt like the head was twice as big as usual. I felt her pussy grab at my cock when I pulled back and suck on my cock as I pushed in. Who would have thought that getting caught ass looking world lead to this!

I kept fucking that beauty of an pussy and tried not to come. I wanted to live in this moment for ever. I watched as Walmart girl masturbated. She wasn't smiling anymore. she was lost in her own world. Staring at me as I lifted her friend of the bed time and again with my dink. I could tell that I was above Leather pants girl's expectations. This gave me power and I used everytrick I had to make sure I wouldn't be forgotten. I looked at Walmart girl who was now a zombie. I wanted to suck on her tits. I wanted to fuck her asshole. I wanted to lick her clit. I kept fucking Leather pants girl. I loved it. I came once again. Looking into Walmart girls eyes. She came also,
looking back at me. Leather pants girl squeeled and let her arms go. I was wiped out and colapsed on Leather pants girl my cock still large inside her. I watched as Walmart girl pulled a wet hand from her crotch and she then laid on the bed beside us. I was out of breath. I felt great.

"I'm Amanda" Walmart girl said. "That's Julie. We go to UCLA." "I'm Pete" I lied. "Pleased to meet you both. I never dreamed this could happen." "Well it did" Amanda said with a smile. "Are you going to tell your wife?" I blushed again. "I doubt it, I don't think she'll approve of me showing my cock to strangers"

"Your secret is save with me" Julie said. "I like your wife to much to tell her." "I will smirk everytime I see her in class." My mood quickly turned as both girls smiled at me. I forgot my wife was a prof.

"When are we going to do this again?" They asked in harmony.

"I'm not sure" I replied as I slowly got up to get dressed. "I'm not sure"

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