After watching Lisa's second tape several times, I had another double shot of vodka and went upstairs to bed. As I laid down, visions of what I had just seen and imagining what she possibly could be doing with Orlando. I felt dizzy, whether it was from the drink or the rush of blood to my aching hard on I didn't know. I was very aroused by the sight of my leather wife, wishing I could see her in that spectacular outfit in person. I knew she was going to use my fetish against me for all it's worth, and use that 10" monster of Orlando's for all IT was worth. I could picture my wife's tight black leather body all over his, and picturing his white cum all over Lisa's leather. How I passed out with all of this on mind , I don't know, but somehow with the lights still on, I did.

While parsed out, Lisa came through the front door. around 4:00 am. She came right upstairs and crept into our bedroom. As I was sleeping she came up to the bed next to me. She slowly pulled the covers down and off of me with her leathered hands.She stood there for a moment, staring at me as I slept uncovered. She then gently started to lightly massage my bulge through my shorts. Ever so lightly not to wake me, but enough to start to make my rod stiffen. She kept on working gently on my bulge until I was rock hard without waking me. Soon stains of precum started to appear through my shorts. My expert leather wife even knew how to bring me close to orgasm without waking me.

After several minutes of this, Lisa touched my cheek with her leather hand to awaken me. At first I was startled, but there was my gorgeous wife in that spectacular tight black leather outfit sitting next to me on our bed. "Hello darling" she said. I was starting to a clearer picture of her, and her leather was breath taking. So much more than what was on the video. That dress was so tight and shiny, It left nothing to the imagination. It seemed to detail every sexy curve of her. Her black leather operagloved arms were amazing. I could see every detail of her long sexy fingers, fingernails, knuckles, her long slender arms, all appeared they really were dipped in glossy black paint. I never saw gloves that were so tight or shiny. They actually looked tighter than latex. She had applied even more darker, richer make up to her sexy eyes and lips.
My rod was standing at attention. Lisa then said,"Were you waiting so long for me that you passed out? I've been a very busy, and a VERY BAD girl tonight. Did you enjoy the video's? They were just the beginning of my night".

I was in shock and my face didn't hide it. I could see many, many tell tale white stains of love all over her leather. There wasn't a thing she had on that didn't have some stain on it. Even her thick silve r bracelets and chain belt. I was in disbelief there were so many stains. Lisa noticed me looking at them.

"As you can see this was Orlando's lucky night. He covered my leather with his excitement." My heart was pounding through my chest. "After the camera was shut off, Orlando drove me here to drop off the video. You'd be surprised he could drive if you only knew what I was doing to him in the car. It doesn't bother you that I went out on you tonight does it?" Lisa then grabbed my hard rod through my shorts. "According to your lie detector, I think you enjoy it that I'm out all night with other men dressed in tight black leather." I tried to tell her to stop doing these things to me, but the words could not come out right. Lisa then said with a real condescending tone, "Admit it. You want me to dress in tight black leather, don't you." I was being humiliated like never before. I couldn't make eye contact with her as i replied quietly , with shame, "Yes'" With a real cocky smirk , Lisa then said," Tell me you want me to go out and seduce other men." I replied with my head bowed down "Yes." Lisa then licked her lips and said. " Tell me you want me to wear my leather dresses." Again I replied "Yes, I do." She then said, " Tell me you want me to put on this dark dramatic make up/" With my head still down, I replied "Yes Lisa." She responded, "Don't you love these black leather thigh boots? The silvery spiked heels really go noticed. They must be at least 5 inches. Tell me to keep wearing them out." I humbly said, "Please keep wearing those boots out." Lisa then grabbed my bulge in my shorts with one leather hand, grabbed my chin with the other to raise my face, looked me in the eye and said, "Tell your leather wife to keep pleasing other men with these tight black leather operagloves. Can you feel on your face that they are still damp? That's Orlando's cum soaked in the leather. Can you feel it? Can you s mell it? These leather gloved hands milked his monster dry a couple of times. I was pumping him while he drove away from our house. I pumped him all the way to Mitchells Tavern. Yes, we went there. You know why we went there don't you? I said "Yes. People go to there to hook up for sex." Lisa said" That's right poor boy. While you were here wondering what I was doing, I finished Orlando off in the car with my operagloved hands. Your leather wife was very busy on him tonight. I even went into the bar with him, with his hot load dripping from my leather gloved arms. We went right to the dance floor, and I grinded my tight leather ass all over him. As I was dancing, I remaining cum from hands got smeared all over the front of my dress as I touched myself while grinding on him. The other men in the bar loved it. I think I saw a couple of them stroking themselves as they watched me.".

"After things got real hot and hard again on Orlando, I took him back to t he car, laid him down oh reclined seat, unzipped him pants, and freed that huge monster of his.
I climbed on top of him, slid over my g string panties, and fucked his huge rod like a starved animal. " She then took my hand and placed it in her pussy. "Fell how swollen it is? I never had something like that inside me. I feel like a dope addict, or should i say, dick addict. I'm craving him again right now" she said with a moan..

"As he was about to cum, I pulled off of him and finished off with my mouth. I wanted so bad to taste him again. With his head in my mouth, my tongue worked the sensitive spot underneath, and even though I could barely wrap my leather fingers around his shaft, I pumped him wildly . His tidal wave of a load filled my mouth, until I couldn't handle it. I then finished him with my gloved hand as he shot his load all over my neck, and tits."

Just after she finished saying that she stuck her tongue in my mouth, and her tongue still had that bitter salty flavor. "Can you taste him" I said "Yes, I can taste him a lot".
"Good." she said.

She then pulled my rod from my shorts. It was so hard. She started stroking it with her cum soaked leather gloves. I could feel his wetness all over my shaft. Lisa then said with a real cocky condescending voice," If you can keep from cumming, I won't wear any leather out again, but if you do, you giving me the black leather freedom to go out whenever I want, dressed in any black leather I want, to do whatever, and whoever I want, no questions asked.:"

I tried with all of my might not to cum, not to look at her gorgeous body painted in black shiny cum satined leather., not to watch her operagloved hands and fingers work her magic. She then said "Come on baby, give me my black leather freedom. I 'll even share every juicy detail with you afterwards. Try not to cum baby!"

It was all too much. I exploded all over her gloved hands and arms. As my thick cum was pouring out of me, she said with a big smile."That's it my poor boy, keep cumming all over me. Give me my black leather freedom. Keep telling me to go out and seduce other men. Keep letting me cover myself in tight black leather".

My expert leather wife milked me for all it was worth. It was worth a lot more to her than me.

Lisa then smiled,and without taking off ant leather., said" I'm going to bed., I am quite tired from such a great night. I'm going to sleep in my cum soaked leather, because it just feel too good to take anything off tonight. I'm even going to sleep in my gloves and boots. Why don't you go down on the couch, I want to please myself alone in under the covers in my leather.

She quickly closed the door as I went down to the couch. Wha t now? How many times will she be going out? As I laid on the couch I could hear Lisa through the bedroom door moaning as she was pleasing herself with her gloved hands.

What am I to do?

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